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VIN Checks


Vehicles/trailers purchased outside the state of Indiana require a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check in order to be registered by the BMV.

We can complete this check Monday through Sunday 8am - 4pm, except for Holidays. On holidays we are closed.

There is a $5.00 fee for each VIN checked and must be paid for before the check is completed.

All fees must be paid in cash or money order, and be for the exact amount of the fee.

If you reside within the Sellersburg town limits, an officer can come to your residence to perform the check. However you must pay the fee at the Sellersburg Police Department prior to an officer completing the check at your residence.

If the vehicle/trailer can be legally driven/towed, anyone needing a VIN check for Indiana can bring the vehicle/trailer to the Sellersburg Police Department and the check can be completed at the time of payment.

Homemade vehicles and trailers will need to have a VIN number assigned to them by the BMV. A police check for VIN numbers will have to be completed prior to requesting the new VIN. After the check is complete, the VIN has been issued and permanently affixed to the vehicle/trailer, bring your Sellersburg Police Department receipt and the vehicle/trailer (if legal to be on an Indiana highway) and we will perform the second VIN check at no additional cost.

Persons wishing to title a vehicle/trailer in Indiana with a Salvage title must have the inspection completed by the Indiana State Police.

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